Pioneering technology

We are official distributors for the Greefa brand, a leading company in grading fruit and vegetables, as well as for peripherals for the fruit and vegetable industry.

Made-to-measure design

Our technical department designs and manufactures machinery and accessories that perfectly complement Greefa fruit grading machines and other Greefa products.

Professional team

We have specialist people in each department who work in a co-ordinated fashion and who share the same values.


  • The last 28th and 29th of June, in the city of Lleida, the Interpera International Congress was held Rubinat-Greefa couldn’t miss the appointment by participating in the events and as a sponsor...

  • New installation for classification and preparation working at Frutas Pisón, in Murillo de Río Leza. It consists of a Greefa iDAP water emptyer, dryer and modular conveyor of the Rubinat brand, Greefa CombiSort calibrator with 4 lines and Rubinat t...

  • Pre-grading facility in Agal for pears/stone fruits, with automatic quality. Empty in water and filled dry with an extremely delicate treatment for the fruit....

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