Who we are?

Rubinat - Greefa
At Rubinat Electrónica Industrial we are official distributors of Greefa, a leader company in technologies for grading and packing fruit and vegetables.
Rubinat - Greefa

The story


Rubinat is a family firm in the field of industrial electronics. We started off as suppliers to a range of industries in various sectors.


In 1996, we became Rubinat Electrónica Industrial, S.L., and we focused on the fruit and vegetable sector by acting as official distributors for the Greefa brand in Spain.


Over the last 23 years, together with Greefa, we have supplied over one hundred systems to a large number of customers across the whole territory, and we have successfully provided unique, effective solutions thanks to the most advanced technology, design, and made-to-measure installations manufactured for each customer.

The team


Rubinat Electrónica Industrial, S.L., has professionals who specialise in their areas of work and who are organised into various departments.


Our mission is to offer service of the best quality that guarantees a profitable investment and that meets the specific needs of our customers’ fruit and vegetable production, so that they obtain the best results.


For us, each project is a challenge that we face up to with dedication, personalised attention, and innovation.

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